Adobe looks alot like a ruby, but they are different

Adobe is a powerful mineral mined in the Tyty109 Universe. It has a high resistance to radiation, so it can be used to protect from the Weegee Virus and Derp Virus. Adobe is very rare, so lots of people are after it. The most notable person after Adobe is Awphysaur . She gains it illegally by gambling at hotels for it. Another way Awphysaur gets Adobe is by using her position as dictator of Nairobi to catch people using Adobe legally and aresting them, protending to destroy the Adobe. However, she keeps it for herself. Awphysaur has been exposed to Adobe so much, she has become completely immuned to radiation. One day she lost it. What Awphysaur forgot, you won't find Adobe in Nairobi.... most of the time.

Adobe is also mined in Koridai.

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