Akihabara is one of the 36 special wards of the City Center of Dendokyo, the capitol city planet of Japangee. It is one of the four core wards along with Toshiman'naka, Shabayo and Dendogawa.

Akihabara is a major shopping area for electronic, computer, anime, manga, Shames and otaku goods. Because of all of the shops, there is little space for residence, making Akihabara the least populated ward of Dendokyo. The ward was voted the number 1 most fun place in all of Japangee. This only increased its popularity. People from all over Japangee and all over the Known Dimension come to see Akihabara for the true Japangeenese experience. It also has some of the best dining in all of the Known Dimension.

Akihabara is also a huge hub for entertainment. The Dendokyo Dome is located in Akihabara and many other places that offer entertainment can be found. Some of the best music groups in the Known Dimension preform in Akihabara. There are also many movie theaters. These come in the form of huge skyscrapers with so many theaters, getting in can be as low as 10¥ and if not that, then no yen.

Notable PlacesEdit

  • Japangee Space Monorail Headquarters
  • Mall of Dendokyo
  • Gemu Sekai
  • Awesome Theater of Awesomeness
  • Akihabara Station
  • Otaku Goods
  • Yenniless Theater
  • Dendokyo Dome