Awesome Face

He is awesome

Gender: Male
Eye color: Black
Species: Altered Human
Home: Tyty109 Universe
Likes: To be epic
Dream: To be more epic
Education: Epic School
Occupation: Tyty109 Universe Army General
Known For: Defeating his enemies

Awesome Face is the general in Tyty109's Army. He has been general ever sinse the army was formed. Awesome Face has also been one of Tyty109's friends forever. His face is the most interesting part of him, as his body is all grey. In his freetime, Awesome Face enjoys watching TV, eating spaghetti and throwing cheese into the vacume of space. It is currently unknown how Awesome Face was created, but scientists think he was created by Pure Epic Energy. Awesome Face can also be called Epic Face. His arch enemy is the Derp Face and Trollface.

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