Where: Orbiting the centre of the Trolliverse and the entire dimension.
Inhabitants/Residents: Beasts, Bosses, Awesome People, Epics, Legends, Legits, Chuck Norris, the Undefeatables
When created/discovered 1 ED
Size: 60 km2, really heavy for its size
Beast~Node is an epic planet in Godrealm where lotsa BEAST~MODE and BOSSES come, meet and talk. If you are not a BEAST~MODE or BOSS person, then you will instantly be kicked out of Beast~Node the second you arrive. It was created by Chuck Norris as a place where he, Pureegee, Chroneegee and Galaxeegee would meet for the first time and have a cup of tea, so it is very old. Today, Chuck Norris and The Undefeatables reside here. Beast~Node has purple clouds to represent its awesomeness. Its awesomeness level is OVER 9000. The area is 60 km2, which is pretty small. Despite its size, it is really heavy and has 1g of gravity (the gravity of the Earth and most planets).


Beast~Node comes from: Beast: and awesome person/thing and Node: A mathmatical term used to describe a place where lotsa lines meet/cross. So it is Beast~Node, a place where lotsa Beats meet. When it was created by Chuck, he thought about naming it Beast/Boss~Node, but that was too long.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • UnUniverse Scale - A giant scale used to determine one`s UnRank, usually used to rank a person with a high UnRank
  • Chuck Norris` Mansion - A giant mansion where Chuck Norris lives. It is by far the most luxiourious and expensive mansion in the Known Dimension.
  • Castle of Portals - A giant castle home to portals to different locations around the Known Dimension and dimensions beyond it (one is rumored to lead somewhere on Earth). Access to some portals is restricted to only people the government allows
  • Grand UnCouncil - A huge building where The Undefeatables make decisions
  • Fountain of Boss - A large fountain that uses lava instead of water
  • Undefeatable Village -  A gated area of the city where Chuck Norris` and the other Undefeatables` mansions are
  • Beast Casino - The largest gambling centre in the Known Dimension, larger than even Evil Guy`s casino.
  • Grand Palace of Knowledge - The largest library in the Known Dimension. Information on EVERYTHING can be found here because magical books write themselves when something is discovered/something happens. Some areas of the palace are restricted.
  • Boss Forum - The centre of the city, people will come here to talk, buy things from the market (prices are really high) and hold meetings and discuss politics. Planet wide events will be held here aswell. The area around the forum has the grand Palace of Knowledge, Undefeatable Village and the Beast Casino. To the south is the central street. In the centre is the Fountain of Boss.