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Bowser is a giant, evil, fire breathing koopa who is the ruler of the Koopa Empire. Bowser is really, really evil if you haven't already noticed. He invades the Mushroom Kingdom and tries to kidnap Princess Peach. But Mario always comes and kicks Bowser's butt. Bowser lives in his castle which is in the capitol of the Koopa Empire. He also has a castle in World 1 of the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser has 8 children. He has one older brother named Reswob.

Early LifeEdit

Bowser was born in AD 1918 to Papa Bowser and Mama Bowser. At the time Reswob was 2. His parents named him Bowser because it was Reswob backwards. He lived peacfully in King Koopas Land, now World 16 of the Mushroom Kingdom. Siense he was nice and peacful at the time, Bowser had no spikes on his shell. He attended school at King Koopa's School for Koopas until he was 18 and went to college at King Koopa's University.

Prior to EvilnessEdit

When he was 24 in college, he met Bowset and they got married. Bowser then graduated college with a master's degree in science and technology. Bowser and Bowset moved to Starlife City, the capitol of King Koopa Land, which is now the capitol and largest city of World 16. They had 8 kids: Larry, Lemmy, Iggy, Roy, Ludwig, Morton, Wendy and Bowser Jr. Then, a tyrant took over King Koopa Land and made a bunch of stupid laws to make the people sad. One was, you must divorse someone you met in college and another was if you are born in King Koopa Land, you are not aloud to leave. Bowser and Bowset refused to seperate until the military came and blasted Bowset somewhere far far away in a cannon. This enraged Bowser and his kids. They got so mad, spikes popped out of their shells. Bowser and his kids escaped King Koopa Land on a cargo airplane going to another country.

Founding the Koopa EmpireEdit

The cargo airplane was going to a country called Koopland. It was quite large and rich and had a good military. Bowser then gathered up a bunch of minions which were goombas and koopas and lead a revolution against the Koopland government. He succeeded and renamed his new land the Koopa Empire. Bowser then inslaved the whole population and made them work for him. He demolished the capitol building and built his castle on top of it. In 1997, he found out that the Mushroom Kingdom had taken over the tyrant ruling King Koopa Land and annexed it. This is how World 16 came to existence. Bowser then offered the Mushroom Kingdom peace, as it had destroyed the evil tyrant. The leader of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach, refused as Bowser wasn't innocent either. This is why Bowser hates the Mushroom Kingdom and wants to take it over.

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