Buster Call Profesionals is a war shame where you take the role of Fleet Admiral Buster Baxter. As Buster, you answer Buster Calls and destroy islands quickly and swiftly so you can go answer the next call. The shame takes place in the UnWorld and mostly done in the oceans.


You start out in a tutorial where some guy shows you the basic controls and teaches you how to destroy the island. You can use cannons, missiles, air strikes, machineguns, lasers, and nuclear launches (the most expensive) When somebody triggers a Buster Call using a Golden Den Den Mushi, you must answer it right away by leading your fleet of marines to the target island. Every time you secceed, you get lotsa BusterDollars, which you can use to buy extra weapons and more ships.


The Shame has a multiplayer option that lets you connect to the internet and either play with your friends or play with random strangers. You can also hook up another controller for your friend, whatever. It allows up to 4 players for extra controllers and up to 24 players for internet multiplayer.

In Multiplayer, everybody starts out in their own UnWorld and everytime you destroy and island, instead of money, you get points. At the end of the match (Match duration decided before the match starts) who ever has the most points wins.