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Caesar Salad was the founder and ruler of the Roman Empire. He was born long ago and died in a war with France in 1405. He is the inventor of Salad. He named it after himself. He is also the creator of the type of Salad: Caesar Salad, which was his favorite.

Founding the Roman EmpireEdit

Many years ago, Caesar was a peasant living in Sparta. He was so hungry and poor, he tried eating leaves with tomatoes and some other stuff. It tasted really good. He named it Salad, after himself. He then used his Salad to form a huge army and take control of the Italian Penincula (Modern day Mushroom Kingdom), thus, the formation of the Roman Empire.


Recently, he was revived by UnDed. Sinse then he has tried to create the Roman Universe, but has mostly failed.

How he DiedEdit

Caesar was riding a chariot into battle with France, who was trying to conquer Rome. Just then, a French guy shot a rocket at his chariot. It asploded and sent Caesar flying into a statue of Salad. When he woke up, a coconut fell on his head and killed him.