Canada is a country north of UnAmerica that HATES Soviet Russia. It is ruled with an iron fist by Robotnik Clause. Canada is very well known for its wild cariboo that want to kill you. The idiot Justin Beaver is from here. Canada really hates Soviet Russia because it is communist and it is ruled by RobotnikClause's archenemy: Dr. Robotnik. Rumors have it there will be a huge nuclear war between the two nations. Some people think that the only portals to PHILIPS is in Canada and Japan


Canada is the creator of the UnderwaterDeathStar, which is an Underwater Death Star. They used it to take over parts of Europe durring the 1st Robotnik War to use as a launch site for ICBMs. Canada is the creator of the secret weapon of mass destruction called PINGAS. Although nobody but soldiers and government officials have every seen a PINGAS, people think that the bazooka on the flag is a PINGAS, but the government says "NO!".

Canada Flag

Official Name: Empire of Canada
Leader: RobotnikClause
Capitol: Ottowa
Official Language: English

French Frenchglish

Largest City: Vancouver
Enemies: Soviet Russia
Government Type: Absolute Monarchy
Currency: CanadianDollar
Demonym: Canadian
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