The epic flag of CATS

Cats (Cats Are Totally Superior) is an organization created in the late 21st century CE by Cats. Their main goal is to take over lotsa lands all over the Known Dimension and rule them with an iron paw. Cats' first main acomplishment is the creation of the CatDeath Star, an evil space thing that shoots giant lasers to blow lotsa stuff up. They used this on many universes and took the over, beginning the Cat Universe. Every member of Cats is required to know how to speak Cat, English, Catenglish, Japanese, and Cat'panese.


Cats has many aliases including:

  • Neko Kurabu - Japanese for Cat Club
  • Evil Cats
  • Cats of Doom
  • Picrates - A mixture of Pirates and Cats cause Cats raid lotsa places
  • Cheese Haters II - Cats hate cheese, but Cheese Haters was already taken
  • Ye Old Cattes
  • Chats de France
  • Your Doom
  • The Ugly Disgusting Demise of Yourself