Chinagee (中國嘖嘖) is a universe some 80 lightyears away from the Trolliverse. Its inhabinants are a species of Fakegees called Chinesegees. Awesome Qin is the emperor/dictator. Chinagee is the leading universe in economy. It manufactures and exports just about anything you can think of. Also, Chinagee has a huge population. For some reason, Chinagee's economy and geography closly resemble China's. A nation on the planet Earth.


Chinagee has a Communism and Imperialism government. The emperor/dictator, Awesome Qin, owns everybody's lives, land and buisinesses and nobody may disobey him or their head will come off. Chinagee has a Communist Party, which is lead by Communistgee under the approval of Awesome Qin.


The economy of Chinagee operates under the Central Bank of the People's Republic of Chinagee. Chinagee has an industrial, planned economy that operates under the Communist Party, lead by Communistgee under the approval of Awesome Qin.

Chinagee has a very large labour force and 100% of the population has a home, as the government provides small apartments in prefabricated apartment buildings for everyone. Citizens in select areas of the universe are forced into working for manufacturing companies and are not allowed any other career.

Chinagee manufactures and exports just about anything. If something says "Made in Chinagee", then, it was made in Chanagee. Some of its planets are very rich in gold and diamonds. Also Adobe, this makes them very rich for exporting these products. But most of the wealth goes to Awesome Qin and little goes to The People.


Chinagee has a very strong military of lotsa battle robots and starships with lasers. They also have a huge secret stockpile of antimatter bombs. In really big wars, because of the Communist government, some citizens are put in.         Chinagee has the 4th highest military budget.


Chinese culture is very rich. It is a custom to take off your shoes when entering your house and you often bow when you meet people. But there is also modern culture of comic books and TV (That the government allows).


Chinagee has over 1000 different dialects because of its beginnings as seperate kingdoms. The most common forms of the Chinese language are Mandarin and Cantonese. A common dialect in the Tibet province is Tibetan. Chinese writing consists of many thousands of characters you must memorize in school. Each one stands for a word or idea, making it VERY hard to learn. Most forms of the Chinese language use this type of writing but Tibetan uses the Tibetan script.

People's Republic of Chinagee


Rénmín gònghéguó de zhōngguó jí
Chinagee Flag.png
Motto: Made in China!!!
Largest city Shengtao
Official languages Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese)
Recognised national languages Tibetan, Tiawanese (Republic of Chinagee)
Demonym Chinese, Chinageesian
Government Single-party state under aristocratic imperial cabinet
 -  Emperor Awesome Qin
 -  Premier Communistgee
Legislature Chinageesian Communist Party
 -  Unification of Chinagee under Awesome Qin 50000 BCE 
 -  People's Republic Founded AD 183 
 -  census 234,986,834,679,283,768,372,396
Drives on the right
Calling code +28023
Internet TLD .chg (Interuniversal Trolliverse Internet)
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