The great city of Constantinople

Constantinople is a city in the Squadala Empire that used to be the capitol of the Byzantine Empire, but Squadala Man got an epic weapon and the walls came down! Constantinople is a great city where lotsa pro hockey teams and rich people are.

The city was destroyed by one of RobotnikClause's PINGAS durring the 1st Robotnik War, but it was rebuilt soon afterwards.

Walls of Theodosus

The brilliant wall system


The city was founded long long ago by Constantine the Great. It would be the capitol of the East Roman Empire, or the Byzantine Empire after the regular Roman Empire was beginning to DIE. Under Byzantine control, it prospered in wealth until the Ottoman Turks came and broke in and took over. Soon, the Romans fought back and reclaimed their city, just to be conquered again by the Squadala Empire. (The city gets conquered alot)

The Walls of TheodosiusEdit

The Walls of Theodosius were the epicly awesome walls that protected Constantinople from other attacks by Barbarians and Pickles from the South. The Chinese tried to attack, but were no match for the Walls of Theodosius. The walls were very hard to break through because there were three layers you had to go through first.

As IstanbulEdit

When the Ottoman Turks conquered the city, they renamed it Istanbul. But then, when the Romans retook their city, they named it back to Constantinople.