Cosmic Polynesia is a universe that is in the left eye section of the Trolliverse. It is a territory of the Tyty109 Universe. Cosmic Polynesia is a lot of clusters of galaxies called islands. It is very well known for its tourism as lots of planets are completely tropical, even in the polar regions. The capitol is Spaceopolis. Prior to being a Tyty109 Universe territory, it was a kingdom. Then, a tyrant took over the universe and ruined its economy on purpose in an attempt to destroy the universe. He took all the government money and spent it all on cheese and Spaghetti. Then, the tyrant ran off leaving Cosmic Polynesia without a leader. When the news got to the Tyty109 Universe, Tyty109 invited it to join the Tyty109 Universe. CP accepted and became part of the Tyty109 Universe.