Creepy Face
Creepy Face

The Creepy Face's Face

Gender: Male (Probably)
Hair color: None
Eye color: Black
Species: Human (?)
Home: He is a nomad
Likes: To creep people out and stalk people
Fear: That people will stalk him back
Dream: To known what happens in everyone's lives at the same time.
Education: None
Occupation: Creep, Stalker
Known For: Creeping and Stalking
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Creepy Face

Creepy Face is a creepy guy who was created by Pure Creep Energy. He goes about universes creeping people out. He has been taken to mental hospitals on many ocasions by the police but has always escaped. He can stare at you and give you the Creep Virus. If you get that then you become a creep just like him. Creepy Face is also a Stalker who when not creeping people out, is stalking them. He once stalked an official government person in the Tyty109 Universe, but was caught and arrested. (Of corse, he escaped)

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