Dendokyo (Japanese: 電動京, literaly Electric Capital) is the capitol city of the universe Japangee. It is the largest city in Japangee and the entire Trolliverse area. Dendokyo is the seat of the Japangee Government and is where the emperor, Kaishio Takahatsu lives and works. It is located on the Dendokyo City Planet, because the planet it is on is a city planet. Dendokyo means "Electric (Dendo) Capitol (Kyo)" It is named that because of all of the light it produces from the signs and windows and stuff.



The city of Dendokyo was founded by Tokugawa Ishimoto when he moved the imperial capitol to this planet, which at the time, was sparsely inhabited. The first imperial settlement was started in the modern day City Center. Urbanization quickly spread and Dendokyo officially became entirely a City Planet in 3023 BCE.

Weegee InvasionEdit

During the United 'Gees Universe's aggresive period, Weegee's Armada came to take over Japangee. Using the smarts of Tanya Tohakasaki, Weegee found the universe's weak points and attacked Dendokyo, the capitol. However, Mario and Luigi came to the city to stop Weegee. However, they failed and were sent very far away. Afterwards, Weegee took over Japangee for a while until Mario and Luigi stopped him for good


Dendokyo is a city planet and therefore all of it's land is urbanized. It is divided into regions called prefectures, much like the rest of Japangee and it's planets. The city center prefecture, Kyoman'naka is further divided into Wards. These are called the 36 special wards. For a list of the 36 special wards, click here


There are no cars in Dendokyo, as there are far to many people walking on the streets for cars. Instead there are many high speed monorails and high tech transport tubes above the streets for rapid transit.
—  Administrative City  —
Administrative City of Dendokyo
Established When Japangee was
Seat Japangee Government
 • Type City Planet
 • Governor Kaishio Takahatsu
 • Administrative City 510,000,000 km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error sq mi)
 • Metro 510,000,000 km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error sq mi)
 • Density
 • Urban 231,918,801,863
 • Urban density
 • Rural density
 Metro 1,903,858,103,810,842,019
 • Metro density
 •  Density
 •  Density