Dubai is the second largest city in the Squadala Empire. Lotsa people live here and it is awesome. It used to be the capitol of Arabia but then Arabia got conquered by the Squadala Empire so it is now Squadalish. Despite being part of the Squadala Empire, there is lotsa Arabic culture. For example, signs in Dubai are written in English and Arabic.


Many people use public means of transportation as there are few roads because the city is packed in such a small area. One unique way of transportation is public carpets, magic carpets that transport lotsa people at once. There is also a subway system and a monorail line.


80% of Dubai's population work for copanies that make money and give it to the Squadala Government in Squadala City. Lotsa people also own shops in Dubai's marketplace in the center of the city.


If you live in Dubai, you either live in an apartment, or in one of the land palm tree islands. But only people with 

Dubai Palm Island

One of 60 Palm Islands

lotsa money can live here.