The Evil Hand Puppet

Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Eye color: White
Species: Hand Puppet
Home: Duckopolis
Likes: To BLOW STUFF UP!!!
Fear: That he will get killed
Education: Teachings from his father
Occupation: Ruling the Ducky Empire
Known For: Wanting to CONQUER THE WORLD
15px-Cquote1 I WILL CONQUER THE WORLD!!!!! 15px-Cquote2
15px-Cquote1 We stand powerful, we stand united, and the world shall TREMBLE BEFORE US!!! 15px-Cquote2
Ducky after the New Spanish War

Ducky is an evil hand puppet who is the ruler of the Ducky Empire. As seen in the picture, he is just a body with a hand with eyes for a head. Ducky really, really wants to CONQUER THE WORLD. Nobody really knows why. He caused the First Ducky War and the Second Ducky War and is hated by King Harkinian, Squadala Man and Moar Krabs. He has 2 pet snakes that guard him. The snakes are so deadly, if on of their teeth even touches you, you will DIE!

For some reason, Ducky has taken a liking to Hisa Takei.

Early LifeEdit

Ducky was created a very long long long time ago by Maxwell. He was created along with all of the other hand puppets. He first lived along with all of the other Hand Puppets on a planet far away. Then they all got advanced and built spaceships and found the Trolliverse.

People who hate DuckyEdit

  • Squadala Man
  • King Harkinian
  • Interwebz (long story)
  • Moar Krabs


15px-Cquote1 The Ducky Empire has been established on this fine Thursday afternoon! A day that shall be written into every textbook in the UnWorld!!! Our glorious nation shall rule the whole world! We shall make them tremble before us. We shall make them obey our every command. The Ducky Legion shall be our tool to unite the world under one central rule. All under MYSELF!!!!!!!!!! The reigns of other rulers shall come to an end. Leonidas is DONE! Princess Peach is DONE! Ryuumonbuchi is DONE! George W. Bush, DONE! It's time that the world knew how us Handpuppets were treated!!!! They shall feel our pain! Our Agony that I shall avenge! It's time for the tyranny and oppression to END!!! It's time for THEM to be oppressed! Heck! I should make them all slaves! All who dare question the name of Ducky. All the schoolchildren of UnAmerica and Japan who laugh at it because it sound funny! The world shall enter a new age! The Ducky Empire, It Is Time To Rise!!! 15px-Cquote2
Ducky, rallying in Duckopolis, Ducky Empire. Soon to conquer Spain.
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