Ducky's Guide to World Conquest is a TV Show broadcasted at lotsa places where Ducky gives a tutorial on world conquest.

Stuff Ducky Tells YouEdit

15px-Cquote1 If you want to conquer the world, then you must listen closely. You cannot conquer the world if don't have confidence in yourself that you can! So, step one! Be confident! Now before you can rule the WORLD! You must first rule a country, so, take over your country, I don't care how. Get elected, revolt, it doesn't matter how. Then, you must start a war and conquer other's land by capturing their capitol city. But before you should ever declare war, build up your military and march into countries unexpectedly. That's how I conquered Spain! Once you take control of your first few countries, you will probably notice many other nations declaring war on you. You must make everybody! EVERYBODY help in the war. 15px-Cquote2
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