The Ducky Empire is a powerful empire ruled by Ducky. It is located on the west coast of northern Africa and expands a tiny bit into Spain. The empire was founded by Ducky uprising in New Spain, a province of the Squadala Empire. This caused the New Spanish War which Ducky and his legion of handpuppets were victorious and New Spain was conquered and renamed to the Ducky Empire. But, Ducky wanted more. So he started the 1st Ducky War and conquered Spain and parts of neighboring European countries. He used Spain as a launching point for his armies, which marched across Europe during the war. After the empire's defeat in Hyrule and the Mushroom Kingdom, and territories in those countries retaken, Ducky made peace by giving Spain back to the Spaniards, but keeping a few square kilometres at the bottom tip to expand the capitol of Duckopolis.
Ducky Empire
and largest city
Official languages English
Recognised national languages Squadalese, Spanish
Ethnic groups Humans, Handpuppets
Demonym Duckish
Government Absolute Monarchy
 -  Emperor Ducky
 -  Conquer from New Spain, Squadala Empire (New Spanish War)  
 -  census 287,346,970,263
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