Enclosed Instruction Book
The Enclosed Instruction Book is an ancient book that was preserved for many years in the UnWorld Mushroom Kingdom Colony, which used to belong to Sparta.

It was discovered by Mario, Luigi, and Alex Kazan in a secret chamber under Mushroom City. It was left by the people of the Roman Empire, that fell over a thousand years earlier. Alex found it when the three discovered the Index Artificitorum in Rome, the ruined capitol of the Roman Empire.

Currently, its holder is Mario.

The book possesses magical powers that allows one to search its contents like an e-book and allows it to have unlimited pages.


Very few people have seen the inside of the book. They say that it has information on anything and everything in the Known Dimension, including the Trolliverse, Items, Planets, Universes and more.

The book has the power to 'write itself', which it does when something thats worth going in happens.

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