Evil Land is an evil nation in the UnWorld. It is ruled by Evil Guy. On Earth, Evil Land would be in Central America. Evil Land was a big win for Evil Guy when he claimed it because the only other piece of land he owns is the tiny Evil Guy Island in the Mushroom World.


Evil Land used to be at a different location. It used to be where Dinosaur Land is. But a bunch of Dinosaurs living the the Amazon Rain Forest revolted and took control of Evil Land. Then Evil Guy and his army went to Weegee UnWorld Territories and conquered the southern part of Mexico. This is where the modern day Evil Land is.


Evil Land is home to the Evilpana Canal, a canal that connects the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. If one wants to use it, they must pay OVER 9000 dollars.

Empire of Evil Land
Anthem: You Will Die Sparta Remix
and largest city
Evil City
Official languages English, Spanish
Demonym Evilish
 -  Emperor Evil Guy
 -  census 81,817,239
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