Some Fakegees hanging out.

Fakegees are a subspecies of the Gee species. They are created when magic and/or energy is inside a being when the Stare ability is used on them if the user is a Gee. Many Fakegees were created during wars involving the United 'Gees Universe and many of them reside in that universe to this day. Typically, every Fakegee is different. However, some of them clone themselves (either using a Cloning Machine or using the Stare ability).

List of FakegeesEdit

For a complete list of Fakegees, click .

Notable FakegeesEdit

  • Pureegee
  • Weegee (although often considered just a regular Gee, he is officially a Fakegee)
  • Greegee
  • Meegee
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