Weegee clone

A typical Gee

A Gee is an intelligent species of things that look like humans. They were created by Pureegee billions of years ago.

Most Gees live in the United 'Gees Universe, but many others also live in universes that have gee after their name.

Gees and Weegee Clones are technically the same thing, but Weegee Clones were made when a Gee uses the Stare ability.


The Gee species was the first intelligent species to be created in the Known Dimension. They were created by the Weegee God Pureegee. The earliest Gees lived in planets that today are part of the United 'Gees Universe and universes surounding it. When the Space Revolution reached these universes from Chinagee, the Gee population was way too much, far OVER 9000! So many of the Gees started their own universes. The main one was the United 'Gees Universe and it was ruled by an ancient Gee named Ancienteegee.

After many millenia, the Gee population became overpopulated again. It was OVER 90000000000000000000000000000000!!!!! So many of the Gees immigrated from universes inside the Trolliverse to outlying universes, including China, Singapore and the Universe of Shoop. This caused many of these places to add Gee to the end of their name, because of the huge Gee population.

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