The Giygas Dimension (Also called the Negaverse) is a parallel dimension where Giygas clones used to live. However, it was taken over by Dr. Eggman Nega recently and he killed all the Giygas clones. The dimension is home to a lot of McDonalds and McWeegee's.

The Giygas Dimension has but one solar system with only 3 planets and 3/3 of them are habitable.


  • Nega Castle - Dr. Eggman Nega's evil palace of doom
  • Nega City - The capitol
  • Giygas Memorial - A memorial dedicated to all of the Giygas Clones that died when Nega took over
  • Giygas Mountains - A huge mountain range that is near the capitol
  • Nega Broadcasting - The broadcasting place for TV in the Giygas Dimension
  • NegaLand - Amusment park of death
  • NegaLabs - Evil labs for making evil weapons of mass destruction
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