Hisa Takei

Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Species: Human
Home: The bottom of the ocean off the coast of Nagano, Japan
Likes: Weapons of mass destruction
Dislikes: Captain Ahab

Hajime Kunihiro

Fear: that she will be assassinated by Captain Ahab
Education: Schools in Nagano
Occupation: Mad Scientist

Terrorist Computer Hacker

Known For: Being the only person ever to escape PHILIPS
15px-Cquote1 EAT THEM BORIS!!! 15px-Cquote2
Hisa Takei on People Attacking her Base

Hisa Takei is an evil mad scientist, terrorist, and computer hacker. She lives in an underwater base of the coast of Nagano, Japan. In her evil base, she creates weapons of mass destruction, launches missiles, and hacks computers.

Hisa is very hated by Captain Ahab, who wants to assasinate her. The reason Captain Ahab haters her is currently unknown.

She was thrown to PHILIPS by Ahab, but she soon escaped.

Hisa has a pet whale named Boris Takei, who guards her underwater base from Captain Ahab and other people out to kill her.