Some of the archives


The complex of three skyscrapers

The Known Dimension Archives (Chinese: 已知的尺寸档案, Tamil: என்று பரிமாண பதிவுகள்) are group of archives in the universe Singaporeegee. They contain the history of everything in the Known Dimension. People who work there go around the Known Dimension looking for more historical records and artifacts that piece together the vast history of the dimension.

Everytime something worth archiving happens, the Archive Writers will write information and put it into the archives. The Archives are the most guarded building in all of the Known Dimension.

The Archives are open to the public, but the place is very heavily guarded and contains many (at least 10) copies of the arcihives stored in computers and clouds.

The Archives were first started in CE 0 when someone though that it would be good if they started recording everything that happens.