A Known dimension keyboard

Known Dimension English is a form of the English Language that is spoken in English-Speaking Universe/Nations in the Known Dimension. The form is not much different than regular Enlish, but spellings are sometimes varyiated to where there are more compound words such as everytime, eachother, noone (pronounced No one), etc. The spelling of words ending in -er are spelt -re (Like in British English).

There are also punctuation differences aswell as some words that do not exist in Regular English, such as Lotsa. (As in Lotsa Spaghetti) 

There is also a difference in computer keyboards. While regular English keyboards are mostly in the QWERTYUIOP format, KDEnglish is in the AZERTYUIOP format.


English began in the universe Englia countless years ago. After Englia began colonizing and conquering many other universes, many species, including the Gee species adapted the language.