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The Known Dimension is a dimension that is paralelle to our dimension. It is the wonderous and mysterious place full of super advanced technology, and magic, socery, memes and strange energies. In it are humans (and other species). The Known Dimension is politically devided up into Universes, which are huge clusters of solar systems ruled by a government. Many political universes exist inside the cluster of universes called the Trolliverse, it is the Trollface that is the background for this wiki.

We currently have 210 pages and YOU'VE GOTTA HELP US!!!

What's the Known Dimension

A parallel universe that was created when Videogames, Popular Culture, YouTube Poop, Internet Memes and Creativity randomly collided with eachother somewhere.

The land is a combination of the serious and senseful, and the not serious and nonsensful. Write stuff here if you just want to write fiction about the above stuff, but stuff too serious is BORING and we also want lotsa humour aswell. See this place for moar!!!


Important guys

The supreme head boss epic high grandmaster god of the wiki is yikotoru (イコトル). He was apointed to this spot by the wiki founder mizunoiro, who is today inactive, but still someone with admin powers and someone to respect.

Latest Activity

It is currently 02:15 IT on 15-10-2190 E2 STC in the Known Dimension.

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