Bowser leading a small legion of the Koopa Troop into battle.

The Koopa Troop is an organization lead by Bowser. It consists of many sectors. It is lead by Bowser and the vice-leader is Kamek. Their headquarters is The Octagon in Koopopolis, the capitol of the Koopa Empire.

Along with being a special organization, the Koopa Troop also serves as the communist party of the Koopa Empire.

Leaders (in order of rank)Edit

  • Bowser (Leader)
  • Kamek (2nd in command)
  • The Koopalings
  • Kamy Koopa (Foreign Advisor)
  • General Guy (Army General)


Major MembersEdit

  • Bowser
  • Kamek
  • Koopalings
  • Kamy Koopa
  • Gereral Guy

Notable MembersEdit

Member SpeciesEdit

  • Goombas
  • Koopas
  • Pirahna Plants
  • Shyguys
  • Humans
  • lots more


The Koopa Troop was founded before the Koopa Empire. Bowser formed it and attacked a country and took it over and established the Imperial Koopa Government in Koopopolis. He formed it by gathering up a bunch of angry Goombas and Koopas.



The Military sector of the Koopa Troop consists of all of the military of the Koopa Empire and the Koopa Troop. The sector is lead by General Guy, who is also the general of Bowser's Army. It is in charge of usage of military units, manufacturing of weapons and the training of soldiers.


The Government sector of the Koopa Troop is in charge of all Sovereign States governed by Bowser and the Koopa Troop. The sector is lead by Bowser himself. It is in charge of all politics in states that Bowser rules. They include parliaments, law enforcement and courts.

Territorial AffairsEdit

These guys are in charge of all of the Koopa Empire's Territories. It a group of all of the Viceroys and is lead by Bowser Jr.

Sovereign StatesEdit

The following nations/government entities are ruled by the Koopa Troop and Bowser.

  • Koopa Empire
  • Bowser UnWorld Territories
  • UnWorld Moon
  • Special Castle Zone of Castle Sunser
  • East Hyrule
  • Squadala Empire
  • Saistan
  • Koridai
  • Gamelon

Major BasesEdit

  • The Octagon, Kopopolis, Koopa Empire
  • Bowser Castle, Kopopolis, Koopa Empire
  • Bowser Castle, World 1, Mushroom Kingdom
  • Iggy's Castle, World 5, Mushroom Kingdom
  • Lemmy's Castle, World 3, Mushroom Kingdom
  • Wendy's Castle, World 4, Mushroom  Kingdom
  • Roy's Castle, World 2, Mushroom Kingdom
  • Morton's Castle, World 16, Mushroom Kingdom
  • Ludwig's Castle, World 7, Mushroom Kingdom
  • Larry's Castle, World 10, Mushroom Kingdom
  • Castle Sunser, The Sun
  • Bowser's Space Station, Space (Orbits the Mushroom World)
  • Koopa City, Bowser UnWorld Territories
  • Bowser Labs, Dubai, Squadala Empire
  • Squadala Land, East Hyrule
  • Mega Airship, Space (Mobile)
  • Squadala Labs, East Hyrule
  • Zaire Reasearch Facility, Bowser UnWorld Territories
  • Koopa Baracks, Koopopolis
  • Koridai, Koridai
  • Bowser Air Base, Squadala Empire
  • Bowser Moon Base, UnWorld Moon