Koromo Ryuumonbuchi is the long lost relative of Toka Ryuumonbuchi. She ruled germany from 2018 to 2105.

Koromo was just like Toka, tyrannical, crule and wanting to make her legacy in German history.

She came to power in Germany when some people were seeing if there were any Ryuumonbuchis left in Germany. They found Koromo living in a town towards the north of Germany and she did not know about Toka. So, the people told here.

This enraged Koromo as she was related to a great and powerful person, but didn't even know it. (history had been all messed up by Adolf Hitler) She marched to the current Führer and demanded the throne, as she was related to the royal family. The current Führer refused, but Koromo didn't care and took the throne by force, telling all of Germany that she was the rightful ruler.


Before Koromo found out that she was related to Toka, she was a kind 28 year old who had a master's degree in arts. But it all changed when she took the throne...

She became more like Toka, to continue her reign. She punished those who questioned or disliked Cheese. Nobody dared to try and poison her, as she had bodyguard robots that scan everything she touches.