Magic is the power to utilize energy manifested in a person or object to exert powers or use Magical Moves. Only  magicians or wizards can channel magic through their bodies, normal people must use a magical object such as a wand or staff. Wizardry and Magicianry are inherited in families.

For an unknown reason, magic cannot be used with technology.


Magic was said the have been discovered many billions of years ago. Wizards, created by deities themselves, had already knew about magic, but had not told on order of the deities. But once magic was discovered, they were aloud to come out and say they were a wizard. Magicians began to come into existence when people found out how to posses energies using a bio-magical gemstone.

Modern UsageEdit

Magic is still used today to preform tasks, although there are less magicians and less wizards, as most of them have dispersed about the Trolliverse.

Post Scarcity and MagicEdit

Many people once believed that someone that can use the magic ability Universal Spawnage could simply spawn everybody's needs and wants. However, this was proven impossible by an anonymous wizard before taking a single starship to an unknown spot in the Known Dimension. He said that while universal Spawnage could be used to spawn anything, the magic of the Randora Energy (the energy Universal Spawnage uses) does not allow one to simply do that, as an abuse would bring the energy and forces of our dimension out of ballance.

Wizardry and Magicianry HeritageEdit

Although Wizardry and Magicianry are inherited by one's Wizard/Magician Parents, if a full Wizard/Magician is to have a kid with someone who is not a Wizard/Magician at all, then the kid will have 50% Wizardry/Magicianry, meaning they have 50% of the Wizard/Magician parent. If it goes on like previously, then the next generation will have 25%, then 12.5%, etc.

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