A photograph of Flint using his Magnetagun move in a fight with the Spartans in the city of Sparta during the 1st Ducky War.

Magnetagun is the name of Flint's Electroblast, which is his Signature Move. It is more powerful than a regular electroblast. It got its name from the weapon of the same name Magnetagun, which is a super epic version of the typical Railgun. The weapon takes a magnetic particle and zooms it at super epic post light speed speeds at a target. 

Magnetagun has destroyed entire starship fleets and caused other mayhem.

The attack range of Magnetagun is about a 45 metre radius around the user, but can cause blackouts and electronic malfunctions in a range of 5,000 to 7,500 kilometres.

How Flint Got ItEdit

After Flint synced his DNA with an epic amount of Crepto, he began to manifest Crepto and also got this move.


Flint rarely uses the attack, as if used in an urban area can cause complete malfunction of electronic appliances to the point where they completely explode, but does use it in times of crisis. He has used it during

  • The Battle of Sparta, 1st Ducky War
  • In a fight with Marx