Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Species: LLeo
Home: Weegeeopolis, United 'Gees Universe
Parents: Father: Fortran
Siblings: Stepbrother: Weegee
Occupation: Nothing really
Malleo is a Lleo who is the stepbrother of Weegee. Unlike his ambitious politician brother, Malleo is more laid back and doesn't care that he also has some rule of the United 'Gees Universe. (He used to have equal power as Weegee, but Weegee declared that Malleo has less, so he does)

Malleo lives in a separate palace than Weegee, but still in Weegeeopolis. His palace is smaller and doesn't attract as many people as Weegee's.

Malleo is the son of Fortran. He was going to take over the United 'Gees Universe, but since he didn't care much for politics, Fortran felt that this could harm the universe. So he adopted Weegee to become ruler as well.

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