Marx, in all of his glory

Gender: Male
Eye color: Cosmic Blue
Species: Deity (self species)
Home:  ???
Parents: none
Siblings: Parx, Larx
Likes: Magic
Dislikes: Kirby
Fear: Kirby
Occupation: Deity
Marx is a psyclopathic, crossed eyed, flying Wizard. He is said to be the creator of Communism. Marx is a deity and was created long ago, probably by Maxwell. He is very powerful and possesses all of the energies because he is a wizard. He also is a master psychic and has abnormal psychic power in his brain.

He has commited acts of evil, and Kirby often goes to fight him. Marx usually wins as he has a wealth of epic moves.

Marx and CommunismEdit

Marx is said to be the creator of communism. Many years ago, when Capitalism dominated the Trolliverse, Marx thought it was unfair. He said stuff like "You have nothing to break by your chains" and "Workers of the Trolliverse, Unite!". He inspired many people around the Known Dimension, including Communistgee, and Dr. Robotnik. He wrote many books, the most famous being The Manifesto of Communism and Kapitalism Sux Krap.

Signature MovesEdit

  • Marx Blast
  • Marx Hyperbeam
  • Marx Electroblast
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