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Minecraftia is a dimension that was first discovered by dimensional pioneers from the United 'Gees Universe. Minecraftia is a strange dimension where everything is made of 1 meter by 1 meter blocks. These blocks were made of different material such as stone, grass, dirt, wood, iron, etc. Even the people were made of blocks. Acording to the natives, Minecraftians, Minecraftia was created in 10000000 BC by Notch. Minecraftia is a very uncivilized Dimension consisting of multiple planets. When a new Minecraftian appears, they get their own planet. Many Minecraftians move to planets with more people. On these planets, there are many wars against other Minecraftians. Minecraftia also has no eletricity, everything is lit by torches. In Minecraftia, there is a powerful mineral called Redstone that is not found anywhere in the Known Dimension. After the discovery of Redstone by Known Dimensionians, many came to Minecraftia to raid planets f
Modern minecraftia

Some Minecraftian cities, like the one shown above, are modern and don't have castles.

or all of their Redstone.

Redstone, the powerful mineral.

Minecraft person

A typical Minecraftian