The strange landscape of PHILIPS

15px-Cquote1 I'M GANNA THROW YOU OVER TO PHILIPS!!! 15px-Cquote2
Random Turkish Nerd before being thrown to PHILIPS

PHILIPS is a strange place in another dimension that is mostly used to dispose of unwanted stuff. People get thrown to PHILIPS often during wars. There are only two known portals to PHILIPS and they're both in the UnWorld in Japan and Canada.

PHILIPS' landscape is mostly pixilated colorless stuff that looks a lot like Missingno. There are also random question marks scattered around.

PHILIPS is said to be made of a substance not yet known to mainstream science. Currently, it is called Virtualium and is completely indestructable.


PHILIPS is said to be a computer dimension that somehow merged with the real world. All though it does physically exist, it was created virtually by humans. It is said that the dimension was created by a mad scientist from Japan. He was trying to build an actual universe (Like the Known Dimension) but durring the process, the dimension got glitched and PHILIPS was the result.

PHILIPS was named after a guy named Philips. However, the Japanese mad scientist's English was bad and didn't know of a thing called capitals and lowercases.

People who have been thrown to PHILIPS Edit

  • Mouser (by Kaori Senoo)
  • Kaori Senoo, escaped using a note from Hisa Takei (by Mouser's coup d'état for throwing Mouser there)
  • Bob the Builder
  • Random Turkish Nerd
  • Mamma Robotnik
  • Missingyes
  • Johnny C. (By the SheeBookie for doing a Buster Call on Saimoe)
  • Hisa Takei, escaped (thrown by Captain Ahab)
  • Boris Takei (Also Captain Ahab)

How to Escape Edit

The only person who knows how to escape PHILIPS is Hisa Takei because she is the only one who has ever escaped. However, she has recently started trying to assassinate Captain Ahab (for obvious reasons) and is currently unavailable and no longer living off the coast of Nagano. So ask her. Kaori Senoo also knows the way out, but is no longer living in the UnWorld.


PHILIPS is an endless span of strange looking ground with mixtures of white ground. All of the land in PHILIPS is flat unless you are on a mountain. There are also random question marks scattered about. Everyone thrown to PHILIPS is spawned in the same place and the exit, only Hisa Takei knows where that is. Everything in PHILIPS is completely indestructable, so any tools or bombs you might have are no use.