The Richverse

Leader: Moneegee
Capitol: Gold City
Official Language: Jingtese
Largest City: Gold City
Allies: Jingta
Population: 1,923,875,981,273,589,723,598,175,980
Government Type: Federal Constitutional Monarchy
Currency: 'GeeDollar
Dimension: Known Dimension
Demonym: Richese

The Richverse is one of the most rich universes. The reason it is so rich is because it was started by Moneegee, the richest Fakegee ever. Everybody in the Richverse is in the upper class. There is no middle or lower class. Because of this, stuff costs lotsa money. If you want to permanatly live in the Richverse, you must have at least 1,000,000 United States Dollars (1,000 GeeDollars because 1 GeeDollar is 100 USD). The only thing that is cheap in the Richverse is hotel rooms and starship tickets so it is a popular tourist destination.


The Richverse was the 3rd official sovereign universe in existence after Chinagee and Japangee. It started when the Space Revolution made its way to the Richverse. The first president was Nān Kqour-Stird. At the time, the universe was called Keird.

Many years later, Moneegee showed up and got elected. He made the Richverse super rich and renamed it to the Richverse.

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