The four hosts

(Super Mushroom Kingdom Broadcasting) is the official broadcasting company of the Mushroom Kingdom. It is ran and maintaned by the Mushroom Government. SMKB is on channel 1 of all Mushroom Kingdom TV providers and features many TV shows.


  • Super Mushroom Kingdom Talk Show -  A talk show featuring the four hosts
  • Mushroom Kingdom News
  • World News
  • The Weather
  • The Super Evil Guy Super Show
  • Saki: The Lovely Show Spying On The Lives Of All Our Favourite Characters
  • ShameNews - A show that features news about shames
  • Adventures with The King
  • Pokémon - Pokémon! The Show!!!!!!!
  • Dinner Spaghetti - A show that highlights new YouTube Poops
  • The Teletubbies
  • Trolliverse News - A new show that shows news on stuff happening in the Trolliverse
  • Mushroom Kingdom Hockey
  • Mushroom Kingdom Football
  • Mushroom Kingdom Foursquare
  • History of the World - A show that highlights ancient empires and old stuff like that
  • Science News - News on the science community
  • LOTSA Anime - SMKB broadcasts lotsa anime
  • Ducky's Guide to World Conquest - A show where Ducky gives a tutorial on world conquest