Saki: The Lovely Show Spying On The Lives Of All Our Favourite Characters (Japanese: 咲:すべての私たちのお気に入りキャラクターの生活にスパイラブリー表示) is an anime and manga franchise in Japan and other parts of the Trolliverse.

It is mainly about some person named Saki Miyanaga and her friends doing random stuff around Japan like listening to meditative stoner music, making a meme, and losing it.

Main CharactersEdit


The show was very popular when it started and still is today. It was given a five star rating by ShamesCourse and AnimeCourse. However, Toka Ryuumonbuchi hated it because it was an embarrassment to her authority in Germany, so she rated it a five nuclear warhead threat to Japan.


The manga version was released in 1563 and sold lotsa copies in its first few years. It became the most popular manga in all of Japan until 1604. So far there have been 163 volumes and it is still being written and illustrated by Saki herself.


The anime started in 1590 when the Saki manga was getting really really popular. The first episode was produced by Kamikami Anime Co when they wanted to turn another manga into an anime.


Several shames were made for Saki, the most popular being Saki: The Shame for Nintendo Wii. Others include Saki Portable, Saki Portable 2 and Saki Ix Box 180.


  • Someone on Earth named Ritz Kobayashi made a series called Saki, but it was about some people who play Mahjong.