Sakura Tohakasaki

Gender: Female
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Pink
Species: Human
Home: Hokkashito, Japangee
Siblings: Tanya Tohakasaki
Education: University of Hokkashito
Occupation: Computer Scientist, Scientist

Sakura Tohakasaki is a human from Hokkashito, Japangee. Durring the time Weegee invaded other universes, her and her sister, Tanya Tohakasaki, were kidnapped and taken to Weegee's armada. Tanya was taken to the mothership while Sakura was taken to the prison ship. She was stuck there until Mario, Luigi, Flint and Smarty Koopa hijacked the prison ship and set her and the other prisonors free. Then when Smarty found out all of the controls in the ship's bridge were in Standard Trolliversian Code, he sent Mario to find someone who knows how to read it. Sakura knew STC and voullenteered to help. From that point on, she helped Smarty fly the starship by reading buttons for him. Later, when Weegee was invading Dendokyo, Japangee, her and Flint went into the mothership and saved her sister Tanya.