The Flag

Singaporeegee is a universe 147 light years outside the Trolliverse. It is allies with the Tyty109 Universe. Singaporeegee is really small and is mostly all city planets. There are only 923 planets and only 13 aren't city planets. Singaporeegee is very technologically advanced. The Singaporeegee Space Monorail, one of only 12 space monorails in the Trolliverse Area, keeps all 973 planets connected.

Singaporeegee is home to the Known Dimension Archives, a group of recorded history archives about the Trolliverse and Known Dimension.


Singaporeegee was first colonized by the Richverse, a very rich universe. However, the Singaporeegians didn't want to be part of the Richverse anymore, so they revolted and broke free to start their own government. Throughout its history, Singaporeegee became a very popular tourist distination, and people from all over the Known Dimension immigrated to it. Many Gees came, so they added gee to the end of their previous name, Singapore.


Overall, the Singaporeegian economy is very strong, getting lotsa GDP from tourism. Sinaporeegee is also a large manufacturer and exporter. They mostly build starships, machines and electronic devices. The currency of Singaporeegee is the Singadollar. 1 USD equals about 45 Singadollars.

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