Soviet Russia (Советский Россия), officially: USSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. (СССР, Союз Советских Социалистических Республик) is a communist nation in the UnWorld. It is ruled by Dr. Robotnik. Soviet Russia is the largest nation in the UnWorld. It is communist, so Dr. Robotnik is the dictator and all of the land and buisinesses belong to him.
Palace of the Soviets

The gleaming capitol building: The Palace of the Soviets. (That's a Robotnik statue at the top)


Long long ago, when the UnWorld was ruled by Sparta and Stania, Siberia belonged to Stania. Then there was an uprising among Russians in northern Stania. They managed to break away from Stania and become Russia. Then, Dr. Robotnik won control of Russia in a game of Mahjong from Boris Anosov. He changed it from empire to communist, learned Russian, and started developing nuclear weapons.


Soviet Russia has a communist government. Dr. Robotnik has total control over the land, buisinesses and people. If anyone questions Robotnik, they are jailed forever or executed.

Nuclear WeaponsEdit

Soviet Russia likes to make lotsa nuclear bombs. They send them into space and aim them at whoever they want blow up. You might be asking, "Why not just blow up UnAmerica and Canada with nukes?" They can't because Canada and UnAmerica have SDI defence, which can shoot down nuclear attacks. So the Soviet Union tried to destroy the SDI defence by sending in spies as a part of Operation ICBM. They were able to shut down SDIs, but the Canadians saw the missile, and sent an unmaned arial vehicle to destroy it. The Soviets are now trying to build an invisable missile.

Union of Soviet Socialist Republic Союз Советских Социалистических Республик
Soviet Russia Flag.png
Largest city Moskow
Official languages Russian
Recognised national languages Kazakh
Government Single Party state
 -  Dictator Dr. Robotnik
 -  Independence from Stania 198521 BCE 
 -  Socialist Republic founded 913 BCE 
 -  Total 22,402,200 km2{{{area_rank}}}]])
8,649,538 sq mi 
 -  estimate 124,734,908,175{{{population_estimate_rank}}}]])
Calling code +sr298
Internet TLD .sr
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