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Spaghetti is a Food that is very popular in the Tyty109 Universe, the United 'Gees Universe, the United Universe of Shrooms and mostly, the Spaghetti Universe. (Where it is the only food people are aloud to eat) It was first invented in the United Universe of Shrooms by a chef that lived in the Mushroom Kingdom in the year 1143 BC. The chef's name is unknown. Spaghetti is very popular for DINNER at Mama Luigi's Spaghetti Dinner Italian Restaurant, where it is the most common food their customers buy. Spaghetti rivals with Pizza because they are both very good. Spaghetti is good with Spaghetti Sause and Meatballs.


Spaghetti was created in the United Universe of Shrooms. It's name comes from the Spaghettish word Spaghai, which means long wavy tubes.

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