Sparta is a country in the UnWorld. It is very old, yet it one of the most advanced countries. Sparta played a huge roll in the 1st and 2nd Ducky Wars because it is allies with the Ducky Empire. Sparta is currently ruled by Leonidas.


Sparta is the second oldest county in the UnWorld, after Japan. It was founded by Leonardis and he is the ruler to this day. Sparta used to be a lot smaller, just lots of city states. The mots powerful was the city state Sparta, who in 624 AD, united all of the city states into one big Sparta.


There are many festivals and events in Sparta. When they win a war, the army will march through every major city to show off their victory. Spartan architecture is a lot like Greek architecture on Earth. Sparta has its own type of music called Sparta Remixes, which is where a guy yells THIS IS SPARTA and there's lotsa weird noises and stuff.

Technological AchivmentsEdit

Sparta has achived many feats of technology making it one of the most technologically advanced countries in the UnWorld. Sparta was the first to utilize light magnifaction to create Spartan Lasers. They were also the first to make the Spartan Bomb, which instead of exploding, sucks everything around it inside. Sparta also created the first dimensionally transcendental object. Dimensionally transcendental objects are larger on the inside than they are on the outside. This allowed them to create airplanes that could carry millions of soldiers.

Flag of Sparta

The flag of Sparta features a black background with a red Greek letter A without the thing in the middle.

Official Name: Kingdom of Sparta
Leader: Leonidas
Capitol: Sparta
Official Language: Greek
Largest City: Sparta
Allies: Ducky Empire
Enemies: Mushroom Kingdom

West Hyrule

Population: 12,357,357,357,323
Government Type: Abosolute Monarchy
Currency: Spartan Coin
Demonym: Spartan
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