Squadala City is the capitol of the Squadala Empire. It is where the great Squadala Man lives. It is also the seat of government for the Squadala Government. Lotsa people like to get around in Squadala City by using magic carpets. The city is located at the end of the Persian Gulf. It is in the middle of a barren desert, but state of the arch technology makes the place habitable.


Squadala City was founded by Squadala Man when he conquered Arabia. He found the perfect place to build a city, the end of the Persian Gulf and built the capitol city.


90% of the population of Squadala City is made up mostly of people who work for the agencies and buisinesses. The remaining 10% work for the Squadala Government.


Because of the huge population, there is no room in the city for roads. Those who drive to the city must park their


The districts of Squadala City

car in a garage beneth the city before entering. Because of this, most people get around using magic carpets, which are sold for a cheap price in the Squadala Empire. Another way of transportation is the monorail.


If you live in Squadala City then you live in an apartment. Unless of course, you are important like Squadala Man himself or other important guys.
Squadala City
—  Territorial and Prefectural Capitol City  —
Squadala City seen from Squadala Bay. Notice the people on Squadala Carpets.
Country Koopa Empire
Territory Squadala Empire
Planet UnWorld
 • Type Mayor-Council
 • Emperor Squadala Man
Population 231,523,993
 • Rank 1st in the Koopa Empire and Squadala Empire
 • Density
 • Urban density
 • Rural density
 • Metro density
 •  Density
 •  Density