Squadala Empire
—  Territory  —
Koopa Empire
Planet UnWorld
Territorial Capitol Squadala City
 • Viceroy Squadala Man
The Squadala Empire is a Territory of the Koopa Empire in the UnWorld that is ruled by Squadala Man. Squadala Man is one of Bowser's most important minions. So Bowser left Squadala Man in charge of the Squadala Empire and East Hyrule if the two nations would provide money and weapons to the Koopa Troop. Although Bowser is the true ruler of the Squadala Empire, he leaves the politics and what not to Squadala Man. The Empire was created when a foolish country went to war with the Koopa Empire. They failed and Bowser took over all the land. At the time, Squadala Man was a general in the army, so Bowser left him in charge.
Squadala Empire
Motto: Squadala! We're off!
Sovereign Flag
Koopa empire flag
The Squadala Empire shown in green
The Squadala Empire shown in green
and largest city
Squadala City
Official languages English, Squadalese
Recognised national languages Arabic, Swahili, Turkish, Persian, Hindu
Ethnic groups Humans
Government Empire
 -  Sovereign Emperor Bowser
 -  Local Emperor Squadala Man
Legislature Koopa Parliament (Sovereign), Squadala Congress (Local)
 -  Upper house Squadalic House
 -  Lower house Senate
 -  Land conquered from Hyrule and annexed by Koopa Empire 2022 
 -  census 928,075,810
Currency Squadollar SES
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