Stania is a country in the UnWorld. It is in between Soviet Russia and the Squadala Empire. Stania is very old and used to dominate exactly half of the UnWorld along with Sparta occupying the other half. Stanis is very rich and has lotsa money. The capitol city, Astana, has towers of gold and diamonds.


Empire of StaniaEdit

When Stanians came and started the first Stanian colony on the UnWorld, it was an empire that got larger and larger. The empire would conquer other peoples on the planet and also became very rich. The Stanian empire reached from central Africa all the way to northern China, with Japan dominating Japan and Sparta dominating everything else. At its height, the population was 13,501,838,501,838,003.

Fall of the EmpireEdit

As other people began to land their colony ships on the UnWorld, they took land from Stania either by force or money. Also, Sparta began to shrink Stania's borders as well. After a few centuries, Stania had been reduced to the Stania we know today as well as Sparta the Sparta we know today. New contries like Arabia, The Roman Empire, and China began to spring up as the Empire of Stania changed its government to a peaceful republic.


Official Name: Republic of Stania
Capitol: Astana
Official Language: Kazakh
Largest City: Astana
Population: 937,571,038,518
Government Type: Republic
Currency: Stadollar
Demonym: Stanian
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