Weegee clone

Weegee, a very known user of the Stare ability

Stare is an ability that allows the user to stare at a victim to cause one of the three outcomes: the target either dies, explodes or turns into a clone of the user.

To obtain the Stare ability, one must inherit it, get turned into a Weegee, or drink the Stare Potion.

How it worksEdit

Stare is powered by Weegee Virus Radiation. One who had WVR inside them can use stare. Once the attack is used, the users eyes will light up blue (although this can vary) and WVR is dispenced from the eyes. The WVR now can only re-enter a being through the eyes, requiring direct eye contact for the move to work. The attack has a range of 15 meters. If the WVR enters a targets eyes, the desired outcome will occur (Die/Explode/Clone, Outcome is decided by the user). If the user chooses to Clone him/herself, the target shall become a clone of the user and gain his/her powers aswell. However, if the target has magic and/or energy inside them, they will become a Fakegee depending on what kind of magic/energy they have.