Tanya Tohakasaki

Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Cyan
Species: Human
Home: Hokkashito, Japangee
Siblings: Sakura Tohakasaki
Dream: To win the Nobel Prize in Universology
Education: University of Hokkashito
Occupation: Universologist, Time Scientist

Tanya Tohakasaki is a human that lives in Hokkashito, Japangee. During the United 'Gees Universe's aggresive period, Weegee kidnapped Tanya and her sister, Sakura Tohakasaki, to tell him everything about the universes of the Trolliverse. Weegee often called her his 'Walking Encyclopedia'. Tanya escaped along with Flint and Sakura from Weegee's armada's mothership durring the invasion of Dendokyo. She also stars in the movie Weegee Survivors, a movie on the invasion.

File:Weegee Survivors Poster.jpg