Thaileegee is a universe just outside the Trolliverse. It is the clostest Trolliverse Outskirts Universe being only 50 lightyears from the outer endge of the Trolliverse. The universe has a constitutional monarchy government, so the leaders power is limited. The capitol and largest city of Thaileegee is Bangkeogee, which is the nation's industrial, economic and cultural hub and the 13th largest city out of all of the cities in the Trolliverse Outskirts Universe.

Planetary GeographyEdit

Thaileegee has a total of 10,203 planets, of which 1,023 are completely covered in oceans. Many other planets also are home to some of the most largest jungles in the entire Known Dimension, making the universe a popular tourist destination. The capitol is a city planet towards the centre of the universe.

Universe LayoutEdit

Thaileegee's layout of stars is very similar to Thailand's geography on Earth.


Central Illinois

A farm in Thaileegee

Thaileegee has a very strong economy and is one of the top manufacturures. Although having a history of 

communist dictators ruling the land, the nation has moved on and rebuilt it's economy as well as the happiness of its people.

The top exports are: crops, machinary, cars, starships and shames.


Thaileegee has a very rich, Asian culture mixed with more western culture as well. They export many shames, like Japangee. Shaming is very popular in Thaileegee and so there are many shamers and shame companies.


Everyone in Thailleegee has access to its expansive TV network that features many anime and news programs. Most of the population owns a television and in the capitol city, there are often huge televisions set up by streets for public viewing.


Korean Missiles

Some Thaileegian defence missiles

The Thaileegian Army protects the country from threats. Durring the United 'Gees Universe's aggressive period, Thaileegee was one of the only universes to put up a big fight against Weegee's Army and the Mahzis.
Kingdom of Thaileegee
Motto: Thaileegee is Awesome!
Anthem: Long Live Thaileegee
and largest city
Official languages Thai
Demonym Thaileegian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  King {{{leader_name1}}}
 -  Queen {{{leader_name2}}}
Legislature Congress
 -  Upper house Senate
 -  Lower house House of Commons
 -  census 747,2028,5719,8275
Calling code +19352
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