The Known Dimension
Where: Everywhere
Inhabitants/Residents: Humans, Gees, Animals, more...
When created/discovered 0 ED
Size: Infinity km3
The Known Dimension (Also called the UnUniverse) is a dimension that the Trolliverse, universes inside it and universes outside it are. The person who named it wasn't very creative, so he just called it the Known Dimension. Nobody else could come up with a better name so thats what everyone went with. The KD is paralelle to the Earth Dimension, which is where Earth is. Universes in the Known Dimension don't have much contact with people in the Earth Dimension as the ED is younger and civilizations haven't devoloped interdimensional travel. However, some have and have colonies in the ED and the KD.


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The Known Dimension, as a fact, was created by the deity Chuck Norris. It was created a very very long long time ago.

Evolution of CivilizationEdit

Civilization in the Known Dimension probably started in the Sumerian Galaxies in western Trolliverse. From there, it grew very complex, became modern and starships were used for interplanetary travel.


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